2nd European Games “Karate”

29.06.2019 - 29.06.2019
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Session Competition Schedule:

15:30 – 19:05

Women's Kata - Semi-finals, Gold Medal Match

Men's Kata Semi-finals, Gold Medal Match

Women’s Kumite – 68 kg, +68kg Semi-finals, Gold Medal Match

Men’s Kumite – 84 kg, +84kg Semi-finals, Gold Medal Match

Karate is a martial art that has both defensive and offensive techniques. Karate has descended from the original version of the martial art that was used for self-defence solely. Today, karate has become widely known thanks to demonstration of breaking techniques on bricks, wood, etc. Experienced karateka can split a block of ice with a fist or break a stack of roof tiles with an elbow or their head. However, breaking things only shows physical strength and is not a measure of skill. Unlike other Japanese martial arts (jujitsu, judo) that are based on combat, throwing and grappling techniques and chokeholds, karate involves minimum physical contact of opponents who instead use precise strikes with hands and legs. Karate will make its first Olympic appearance at Tokyo 2020.

12 sets of medals will be contested by 96 athletes during the 2nd European Games MINSK 2019.

Competitions will be held at CHIZHOVKA Arena. CHIZHOVKA Arena was constructed for 2014 IIHF World Championship in the picturesque Minsk 900th Anniversary Park. CHIZHOVKA Arena has two ice rinks and a multi-purpose sports hall. The shape of the building resembles two sparkling drops of water that seem to be flowing into each other.

Fast facts:

- Karate practitioners are called karateka.

- Contrary to popular belief, Japan is not the birthplace of karate. This martial art originated in China and was imported to Okinawa Island where it was called "karate" – "Chinese hand". The rest of Japan learned about karate only in the late 19th century. Since Japanese-Chinese relations at that time were quite tense, the Chinese origin of martial arts was dismissed.

- Such stars as Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude van Damme and Bear Grylls practiced karate. It is interesting to know that King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley was a karateka too (and had the advanced black belt!) and studied the martial art in the army. Presley is said to be able to effortlessly break bricks with his strikes when he was filming Kid Galahad.

- In the post-Soviet countries karate clothes are still commonly called "kimono". In fact, kimono is traditional Japanese everyday and formal clothing. The traditional kimono does not include trousers, which makes it not very convenient to train in. The correct name of karate clothes is dogi or keikogi.

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