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You Can Print your Tickets at Home!

TICKETPRO introduces E-TICKET service. When you buy tickets through the Ticketpro website, select the E-TICKET delivery. As soon as the payment is confirmed, you can print the tickets yourself at your location.

More information about E-TICKET

  • Tickets can be purchased two days before the event at the latest.
  • Tickets ordered in this way can be printed by the user at home or at any place where a printer is available. (In "Order Confirmation", the user will be provided with the information about printing the E-TICKET).
  • E-TICKET is a ticket with a bar code that will be checked by a scanner upon presentation at the entrance to the venue, and the user will be allowed entry. After its reading, the ticket cannot be used again. Only the first person to show this ticket will be let in only after it being checked by the scanner. Upon any subsequent presentation of the ticket or its copy, the ticket or the copy will not be accepted and entrance to the event will be denied, regardless of the person presenting it.


  • For printing E-TICKET, the program enabling print of a PDF document will be necessary (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader).
  • E-TICKET service is set only for select events. If this option is available for such events, it will be offered automatically to the user during the purchase.
  • TICKETPRO is not responsible for any difficulties caused by unauthorized copying of the ticket. It is important to keep the ticket on secure place.
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