Minsk Card is a sightseeing package, including a smart-card and a guidebook.

Minsk Card entitles the holder to a free or discounted one-time entry to museums, galleries, as well as visits to the zoo, the waterpark, the observation point of the National Library of Belarus and allows joining tours covered by the Card.

Minsk Card is valid for 24, 48, 72, 120, 168, 240 hours or 12 months from the moment of its activation. The period of validity is specified on the Card.

The Card also plays the role of an electronic transport pass (VIP and Luxe). The electronic transport pass provides you with 10 subway rides and also allows unlimited travel by bus, trolleybus and tram within the period indicated on the card. 

The Card also provides you with up to 20% discounts in hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops of the city, as well as with discounts for car rental service. More information on the list of the partners of the project may be found in the guidebook, as well as on www.minskpass.by

The discounts provided for this type of objects (listed above) are valid for 3 years from the moment of Card purchase, regardless of the date and time of activation, carried out in the objects of the first type.

There are 2 options of purchasing Minsk Card:

1. Place an order by means of website www.minskpass.by and pick up your Card at an acquisition point 

You may get the card at the chosen sale point in accordance with its working hours.

2. Make a purchase at one of Minsk Card sales points

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