After a two-year break, the Ocean Elzy band returns to Belarus with a single performance - the show was adapted especially for the Belarusian OE fans, which the fans saw in August 2018 at the Olimpiysky stadium in Kiev. Non-standard stage and video installations, a lot of sound and light, as well as favorite songs and incredible charisma of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk - all this awaits the fans of Ocean Elzy on September 20 in Minsk-Arena. Tickets are on sale now.

In 2017, the OE announced an annual break in touring and creative activities. “We want to get some rest after our tours,” said group leader Svyatoslav Vakarchuk two years ago. OE returned in August 2018: on Independence Day of Ukraine, the musicians sang for 4 hours at the Olympic Stadium. This performance was another record of the group: the show was attended by 100,000 listeners.

Each OE performance is always a bright and emotional storm that fans get into before the concert. From the first chords between the band and the fans, inexplicable chemistry arises: standing ovation and singing together, adrenaline and drive, as well as a big wave of sincerity and declarations of love between musicians and spectators - this is all the performance of the Ocean Elzy band. The last concert of the group in Belarus was held at the LIDBEER-2017 festival - 30,000 spectators were called up by the musicians 3 times for an encore.

- We have always felt great, sincere support of Belarus. You can see it at our concerts. Wherever we go, full halls of people gather who sing our songs, want to listen to them, who, apparently, genuinely love our music. And we cannot remain indifferent to such a manifestation of love, ”Svyatoslav admits in an interview.

In October 2019, the Ocean Elzy group will be 25 years old. During this time, the musicians released 9 full-length albums, gave concerts in almost all countries and became one of the most famous groups in Ukraine around the world. At the concert in Minsk, viewers are waiting for new songs, as well as the hits “Obiimi”, “Taka, yak ti”, “On the sky”, “Without a fight”, “Maye spring”, “Cold”, “Without you”, “Don't go "," 911 "and many others.

Ocean Elzy is always a spectrum of bright emotions, furious energy of an incredible atmosphere, and, of course, the unification of the audience in a real musical ocean.

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