Hockey. 2020 IIHF Ice Hockey U20 World Championship IA. Norway - Slovenia

09.12.2019, 15:30
3,00 - 9,00 BYN

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Minsk will discover new talents of the ice hockey world! In December Chizhovka Arena will host one of the most significant sport events of 2019 in the Republic of Belarus- 2020 IIHF Ice Hockey U20 World Championship Division I, Group A. National Junior ice hockey team of Belarus will fight for promotion to the IIHF World Junior Championship with the teams of Austria, Denmark, Latvia, Norway and Slovenia.

During the  first game day  Team Norway will play against Team Slovenia at 12:30.

Junior hockey is a passion and energy that young hockey players from 6 teams will demonstrate to the fans in Minsk. Most of the players will arrive from overseas where they play key roles in their clubs. Nobody will give up without a fight!

Certainly the tournament will discover the new stars of ice hockey who are ready to heat up the ice in Minsk and will represent the top-ranked leagues in the upcoming future. The future begins today, let's go forward to it!

There are 4 price categories of the tickets : Premium, Standard, Economy and Economy Plus. The fans will need to pay between 3 and 9 rubles to watch any game between all teams except team Belarus.



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