2nd European Games 2019 "The Gala Closing Ceremony"

30.06.2019, 20:00
35,00 - 150,00 rub.
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The Gala Closing Ceremony of the 2nd European Games MINSK 2019 will be held on 30 June 2019 at DINAMO Stadium, Minsk. Start: 20:00.

ATTENTION! The gates will be open until 21:30.

After 21:30 spectators will not be allowed to enter the stadium - please plan your visit in advance.

Art City 5, an Igor Krutoy company, will be in charge of the Closing Ceremony of the 2nd European Games MINSK 2019.

The Ceremony will be delivered by professionals from Belarus and Russia with extensive experience in organising cultural celebrations, sports events and TV contests. The scenarios will be prepared by directors Alexander Vavilov (Belarus) and Alexei Sechenov (Russia). Alexei Sechenov is the winner of the TEFI award, director of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Summer Universiade in Kazan (Russia), the Opening Ceremony of the Asian Winter Games in Astana (Kazakhstan), MUZ-TV awards held at the Olympic Stadium from 2004 to 2012, the New Wave popular music contest and a variety of other sports events and concerts of Russian and international pop stars.

The Closing Ceremony will be complemented by the state-of-the-art technology, including augmented reality and light and projector effects. The show will include performances by famous artists. The highlight of the Ceremony will be the Athletes' Parade. It will be attended by athletes from 50 European nations contesting the Games.

Be sure to grab the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the Closing Ceremony of the Games! Spectators at DINAMO Stadium will become the participants of the show, and additional elements of performance will be available only to those who purchase a ticket.

Looking forward seeing you at the tribunes !


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