GU Republic Palace
Oktjabrskaja ploschad, 1-1, Minsk, Belarus

GU Republic Palace , Minsk

Palace of the Republic

Today it is a modern hospitable building known to every citizen of the Republic of Belarus and to many guests of our capital. Here prime social political events are held, forming the outline of development of the young Belarusian state ? nationwide meetings, congresses and forums, summits, international seminars, symposiums and conferences.

     Here decisions are made and announced, important not only for the Republic of Belarus but for other states as well. Palace of the Republic is the point of concentration of cultural life of the Republic of Belarus: concerts of Belarusian and foreign performers, performances of the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus and professional holidays, exhibitions and presentations.

     Activities of the team of Palace of the Republic are not limited to Minsk: being an establishment of republican importance, the Palace organizes concert programs for regions of the country.

     Palace of the Republic works for the good of the country and its citizens, shares with Belarus all  its important holidays and helps add brightness and optimism to its everyday life, feels the pulse of social life and gives wide spaces for self-expression of Belarusian culture.

We invite to Palace of the Republic everyone ready to cooperate, all admirers and amateurs of beauty! 

Events on venue

Sergei Polunin. Dramatic ballet "Rasputin"
Minsk, GU Republic Palace
Chris Norman
Minsk, GU Republic Palace
Alena Lanskaya
Minsk, GU Republic Palace
Ludovico Einaudi (Людовико Эйнауди)
RB Presidential Orchestra: Sergei Volchkov
Minsk, GU Republic Palace
Minsk, GU Republic Palace
Rock opera Yunona and Avos
Minsk, GU Republic Palace
Mark Martel
Minsk, GU Republic Palace
Oleg Vinnik
Minsk, GU Republic Palace
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