Minskij zoopark
Tashkenskaja str. 40, Minsk, Belarus

Minskij zoopark , Minsk

Minsk Zoo is a unique museum of nature. Its collection includes over 450 species of exotic animals (over 2000 individuals), many of which are familiar to us since childhood. The natural pools, formed by the river Svisloch, are a year-round home for waterfowl. You are welcome to visit 3 exhibitions on the territory of our zoo, as well as contact playground, where you can pet Cameroonian goats and sheep.

 In March 2015  an EXOTARIUM was opened. The Exotarium is a large tropical pavilion of South American fauna. Over 80 species of tropical animals live in there. Visitors can see waterfalls, large aquariums, terrariums, open-air enclosures and more. Exotarium in the Minsk zoo is a unique project for the CIS.

 In March 2016 DINOPARK was opened! 30 pre-historical creatures (belonging to 25 different species) move, roar, blink and even breathe in the picturesque bend of the river Svisloch.

 Want to know more about the Zoo or Dinopark "inhabitants"? Our specialists will be glad to conduct a guided tour for you!

  •  There are amusement rides and cafes open for a snack during the summer months.
  • Take a picture with a beautiful big elegant snake in memory of the Minsk Zoo.
  •  The “Horses and pony” club is opened to everyone who wish to gain riding skills.
  •  Meet holidays with our Zoo! We offer a vast variety of activities: theatrical performances and contests, horse shows, workshops and quizzes, exhibitions and concerts, prizes and gifts.

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